Data Recovery Services

Do you need expert help in recovering your data?  We can definitely help. Whether you deleted files, quick formatted your drive or your hard drive just stopped working, we have solutions to recover your critical data.  We can recover data from hard drives, USB jump drives, digital camera memory cards and more.

We have three different types of data recovery service based on the level of recovery that is required to get to your critical data.

Basic Recovery ( Level 1 ): – The storage device is fully functional and the file system is intact.  We will move your files from the old device to a new storage device or system of your choosing. Up to 100gb of data is included in the base fee.

Advanced Recovery (Level 2): – The storage device has some level of file system or partition corruption.  Deleted files, devices that have been quick formated, and broken partitions will fall into this service.  We will recover your files and move them to a new storage device of your choosing.  Up to 100gb of data is included in the base fee.

Hardware Recovery (Level 3): The storage device has physical damage or problems which prevent the data from being recovered using the basic or advanced methods.  These devices will need to be repaired in a clean room before data recovery can occur.  The price for this service varies by the size, type and damage to the hard drive.


  • $75 Basic Recovery Service (Level 1) – Includes 100 gb data.
  • $150 Advanced Recovery Service (Level 2) – Includes 100 gb data.

Optional Services Pricing:

  • $25 Recovery fee per additional 100 gb data.
  • $10 Burn recovered data to one DVD.

All data recovery jobs have a diagnostic fee of $65.00 which is waived in the event that data is successfully recovered.

Data Backup and Data Recovery Services