Computer Tune-Up and Optimization

Is your computer running slow? We can fix it! Our Computer Tune Up service is designed to optimize your computer for peak performance today and perform the preventive maintenance required to keep your computer running great in the future.

Our prices are over 37% less than the Geeks!

What's Included:

  • Install all critical Windows updates and service packs.
  • Anti-virus software checkup to make sure it is updated and working properly.  Install free anti-virus if none exists.
  • Scan and remove spyware and malware.
  • Optimize PC startup and shutdown time.
  • Remove trialware, adware and other unwanted software.
  • Internet browser checkup and upgrade if required.
  • Temporary data file cleanup.
  • Check and repair system registry.
  • Optimize running processes to free up memory and speed up computer.


  • $125 Onsite, Drop Off (by appt), Free Pickup/Drop Off Service

Computer Tune-Up and Optimization Service