Is your laptop AC adapter getting old? Get a new one!

by Lou Horton on May 15, 2019

We get systems in all the time with power cords that are partially broken or have been taped up with electrical tape.  While this might make the cord work again temporarily, you run a great risk of severely damaging your system.  Lets dive into the different issues with laptop chargers and where to find proper replacements before you damage your computer:

If your laptop cord is coming separated close to the tip, has any damage to the cord insulation or has a tip that leans to one side or the other you really should replace the charger immediately. All of these conditions can cause electrical failures which can start a fire or cause harm to your laptop.  When the AC adapter cord has intermittent shorts, it can cause an overvoltage situation that will permanently damage the motherboard.

A new original manufacturer AC adapter usually only costs $25-35 while a motherboard replacement is going to run in excess of $200 for most systems.  If you need to hold or "wiggle" the cord in order to make it work, you almost certainly have a problem with the AC adapter or the DC power jack.  If it is a jack problem, give us a call.  We can replace the DC jack for you.

Put away the electrical tape and buy a new original AC adapter. You don't want to try and use a universal charger (especially if you have a Dell) because they are not an exact match for your system.  When it comes to the wide variety of laptop chargers, one size does NOT fit all.  Some good third party sources for AC Adapters are Amazon and eBay.  Just make sure that you are ordering an OEM AC Adapter and not just a generic compatible one.  They cost a few dollars more but are always worth it as your laptop will cost a lot more to repair if it gets damaged.

If you have any issues with your laptop chargers or DC power jacks, please feel free to visit us at: https://computer-repair-now.com or call (630) 444-7220

Bad Laptop Charger Cord

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