How to deal with spooky email messages

by Lou Horton on October 25, 2018

It is almost Halloween and most of us have grown accustomed to gruesome home decorations or being scared at your local haunted house.  How would you feel though if you received an email message containing your password threatening to contact all of your business and personal contacts through social media with your "dirty secrets"?  Spam and scam messages are very common but how many of them actually can name your password?  Even if you have nothing to hide this can be a very unsettling message to receive.

There are many variations of these evil messages but they are all the same in so far as they contain one of your passwords and they are all trying to extort crypto currency (Bitcoin).  These messages have become more and more common over the last 6 months.  Below you will find an example of one of these messages:

Please do not be spooked by these messages.  While it is possible (especially when a computer is infected with malware) to record your browsing habits, the scenarios stated in these messages are completely fake.  If it's fake, how did they get my password?  Over the last several years there have been many very large data breaches at companies and websites where millions of people have recorded a password.  Often one of the pieces of data that is stolen is the password.  These extortion emails are using a password from one of the data breaches in the attempt to scare you and get some relatively untraceable money from you.

What should you do?  If you are using the password listed in the email (or any close variant of it), we recommend you change on all sites to be safe.  If you think your computer might be infected with viruses or malware, it doesn't hurt to have a professional check it out just for peace of mind.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 630-444-7220.

Have a fun a safe Halloween.

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