Few tips for avoiding computer problems

by Lou Horton on December 14, 2015

Our gift to you this holiday season: Below you will find a few helpful tips which will hopefully avoid some common problems.

1.)  When you do turn off your computer (desktop or laptop), shut it down using the built in Windows function.  How to do this will vary depending on the version of Windows that you are running but generally if you right click on the Windows icon you will see a power button with a shutdown option.  If you have a laptop, make sure that it turns off before you pack it up for travel.

2.)  When you start your computer and log into Windows, allow the system ample time to completely start up.  Even though it may appear ready to start up programs, other system processes and programs are being loaded in the background.  If you allow a little bit of time for these programs to load, when you do try and start up your Internet browser or other program the response time will be much faster.

3.)  If you have a laptop or notebook, don’t just close the cover and travel with the device instead of performing a full shutdown (see #1).  In most cases when you just close the laptop it puts the device in a sleep mode.  Depending on the manufacturer and model the sleep mode may or may not actually completely power down the system.  If is not completely powered off (or decides to wake up) the system can be damaged due to overheating (especially if in a bag) and vibration if carried around while the hard drive is spinning.

If you have any questions concerning these tips or any other issues please feel free to contact us at: https://computer-repair-now.com



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