All virus removal services are not created equal

by Lou Horton on May 5, 2015

It seems that every office supply, electronics store or local geek is offering virus removal service these days.  Most of them are probably capable of repairing the active infection but few of them do anything to prevent it from happening again.  It has also become very common practice for these services to “nuke and pave” or completely reload your operating system to how it was when you bought it.  Don’t worry about your documents or programs, they will be gone too along with any infections.

At Computer-Repair-Now.Com we not only remove all infections, spyware, malware, junkware but we perform the updates to the operating system and applications required to minimize the possibility of future infection.  We also attempt to identify the source of the infection so that we can provide guidance as to any behavior that should be avoided in the future to prevent the system from becoming compromised.  As part of this cleanup effort you will end up getting the equivalent of a tuneup as well as we will test the hardware, cleanup temporary files and repair any residual damage to your operating system.  As a final step we make sure that a proper anti-virus software is installed and functioning when we return the computer.

For more information about our company and services including virus removal, please contact us today at: (630) 444-7220.


Virus Removal Service

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