Beware of fake updates

by Lou Horton on February 16, 2015

Over the last several months we have seen an increase in the number of malware infections related to an end user attempting to update an Adobe product or Java.  The individuals that write nastyware are well aware that installing updates to Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader are important to maintaining the security of your computer.  They are now exploiting this by embedding websites with malicious code that prompts users to download “updates” for these packages.  In this case the updates are viruses and malware instead of the real update.

Generally if an update request pops up in your system tray (lower right hand corner) it us generally legitimate.  If you ever go to a website and they tell you to upgrade your Java or Adobe product, do not do it.  Chances are it is fake and will only infect your system.  If you want to be sure that you are receiving the correct updates, go right to the source at https://java.com or https://adobe.com

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