It takes more than Windows Updates

by Lou Horton on August 2, 2013

If you are like most computer users, you have Windows set to update automatically.  That is an important first step in maintaining the security of your system but Windows is not the only thing that needs to be updated on a regular basis.  Over the last few years a large number of viruses have been exploiting vulnerabilities in important add on software such as Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader. 

Java updates come out fairly often.  Most users ignore the little popup asking them to update Java.  This is probably the most important of the add on software to actually update on a regular basis.  The newer versions of Java will uninstall the old versions as soon as they are installed which is good.  If you are currently running a seriously outdated version, the old version might still remain after the new one is installed.  This can be fixed by going to add/remove programs in the control panel and unistalling all versions of Java except for the very latest.

Adobe Flash and Reader updates come out less frequently than Java but they are also important to update both from a security and performance standpoint.  There are many issues that can be resolved by running the lastest version of Adobe Flash.  If you use Google Chrome as your browser or are running Windows 8, sometimes you will not be able to manually update Adobe Flash as it is integrated in the browser.

Paying attention to updates on these other common pieces of software will reduce the chances that your computer will be infected with viruses or malware.  If you need assistance or have any questions regarding this, please contact us at: https://computer-repair-now.com or call 630-444-7220.

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