Common problems leading to laptop LCD screen replacement

by Lou Horton on May 22, 2013

It is difficult to work on a laptop when you can't see what is on the screen.  Even though it is sometimes possible to connect an external monitor, this is not convenient and makes it difficult to properly use a laptop computer.  Laptop LCD screen replacement can be required for several different reasons but is usually affordable and significantly less than replacing the system.

Black Screen – When you turn your system on if you see power lights and hear the fan but don't see anything on the screen, you may have a problem with the screen backlight or inverter (especially on older laptops).  The best way to determine if it is a backlight problem is to shine a flashlight at the screen while it is starting up and try and see any text, windows logo etc.  If you see something it is probably a backlight issue.

Cracked Screen – It only takes a few pounds of pressure to crack a liquid crystal display internally.  Some common causes for damaged screens include: dropping an object like a TV remote on a closed laptop screen, lifting the laptop by the screen instead of the base, closing the screen while a foreign object like a pen is lying on the keyboard.  When an LCD is cracked internally, you will see black splotches and streaks, large white areas and sometimes colored areas and lines.

Flickering and Lines – If you have a few colored vertical lines on the screen (increasing over time) that never go away,  chances are your LCD screen is going bad.  If the lines come and go depending on how you position the screen, there is a good chance you might have a problem with the video cable rather than the screen itself.

In any case we are always available to diagnose and repair your Laptop LCD problems.  You can call us at 630-444-7220 or email support@computer-repair-now.com


Laptop LCD Replacement

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