Beware of Windows 8 System Refresh

by Lou Horton on December 29, 2012

If you are running Windows 8 (and if you aren't, we don't recommend that you "upgrade") there is a new recovery function called system refresh.  If you have any sort of problem including opening a document at some point the troubleshooting tips will suggest that users run "system refresh".  Many users of other versions of Windows are familiar with a function called "system restore" which allowed you to restore the system settings and software installed back to a specific checkpoint.  Although it sounds similar, system refresh is NOT the same thing.

There are no checkpoints with Windows 8 system refresh.  When you run it, every program that you installed through download or CD/DVD since you owned the computer will be gone forever.  This includes things like Microsoft Office, your Anti-Virus software, iTunes and more.  For all practical purposes it is like starting over from scratch with the exception of retaining your documents and files. You will definitely want to think twice before using the system refresh function. 

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