Delaying laptop hinge repair or a loose screen can cost you a bundle.

by Lou Horton on November 22, 2012

One of the more common things to fail on almost all laptop brands are the screen hinges.  Sometimes the metal hinges physically break, other times they just come detached from the plastic pieces that they are mounted to. These type of issues typically don't happen overnight.  Usually you notice the LCD screen becoming loose, slight noise when you close the lid or some other indication that something is going wrong.

Once the LCD bezel starts to get pushed out or broken, everyone knows that there is a problem but you would be amazed how many folks don't get it fixed at that point.  By the time we usually get the systems, the screen is only attached on one side, there are plastic parts or even power buttons missing and many components have been damaged.  The plastic components are can be EXPENSIVE to replace and sometimes very hard to locate.  The longer you delay repair, the more components you will damage.

Unfortunately it is never possible to give a full estimate on a laptop hinge repair without disassembling the system to determine the extent of the damage.  If caught early typically these repairs can be completed for between $90 and $150.

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