Protecting your memories in the digital age

by Lou Horton on March 29, 2012

It used to be a little easier to protect your pictures, videos, music and important documents. As long as you kept them in a safe place, you were usually protected except for a fire or natural disaster. Now you also have to depend on your computer. With moving parts and complicated software, eventually ALL computers will stop working. Do you have a plan in place to backup your files? Are you always doing it?

Having a plan to backup your data is very important but it won’t help you much if the solution doesn't work or you forget to perform your backup on a regular basis. There are many methods of backing up your important documents including:

– Attaching an external hard drive and using a program to automatically make a copy of your files on a regular basis.

– Periodically using a USB jump drive and manually copying over your important documents.

– Manually backing up your files to writable DVD/CD disks and placing them in a safe place.

– Using an Internet based solution to automatically back up your data to a secure, off-site facility.

While all of these solutions do work, there are potential problems that you can encounter with them. External devices can fail, DVD’s can get damaged or lost, you might forget or not have the time to complete your backup on a scheduled basis. The list goes on and on. Each individual needs to decide how much value they place in their photos, videos, music and other documents.

If your memories are precious to you it is important to select a backup solution with the lowest chance of failure. If you want to make sure your data is always backed up, we highly recommend an Internet based software solution. Software installed on your computer will monitor your files and upload them securely over your high speed Internet connection to a fully redundant data center. If you ever need to recover a file you will be able to pull them back to your computer. Your data will be encrypted so that only you have access to your personal information and files. This type of solution is completely automatic, constantly running and will protect you from computer failures and natural disasters.

There are a variety of solutions out there to backup your data but we recommend a software and service called Carbonite. The main reason we use and resell Carbonite is because you can backup an unlimited amount of data reliably for a flat annual fee and it works well. The more years you sign up for, the lower the cost is. If you sell or replace your computer you can easily move your subscription from one system to another. If you interested in this solution please contact us at (630) 444-7220 or email us at and we can save you a few dollars off of the regular price even if you want to install it yourself. It is very easy to install and use but if you would like assistance, we are able to install it for you remotely for a nominal fee.

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