My computer works fine, why do I need Windows updates?

by Lou Horton on March 29, 2012

In order to keep any computer system running well for an extended period of time, preventive maintenance needs to be performed. Regardless of whether you are running XP, Vista or Windows 7, installing all critical Windows updates is important to protect your system. When a specific issue or vulnerability is identified by Microsoft or an outside party, a Windows update is released to address the issue. If you do not install the update your system could be vulnerable to an exploit or attack that is capable of completely bypassing any virus protection or firewall software that you might have installed.

Even if you do not use Internet Explorer and use Firefox, Safari or Chrome instead, it is still important for you to install Internet Explorer updates along with other critical Windows updates. Why do you need to update a program that you don’t use? Internet Explorer upgrades are often a prerequisite for critical security updates and service packs. If you never upgrade Internet Explorer, your system may be vulnerable to other security holes that have nothing to do with Internet Explorer specifically.

By default most systems automatically install Windows updates at 3am when they are available. It is important to manually run Windows update periodically just to make sure that your updates are being installed. If your computer never restarts and notifies you that updates have been installed, you should definitely check into it to make sure they are working.

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